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While current classroom methods can be effective, SHINE for Girls is able to engage students in the subject matter in a unique manner that provides a novel perspective on the material. SHINE for Girls uses a new method based in kinesthetic learning that effectively supplements the classroom experience. 


Kinesthetic Learning Activity

In kinesthetic learning, movement and action replaces more passive forms of learning, such as listening to a lecture, and helps students grasp concepts with more clarity and creativity. SHINE for Girls uses our bodies to their fullest advantage to enhance and reinforce mathematics taught in the classroom through our series of original kinesthetic learning activities.

SHINE utilizes active and familiar games, such as Twister, with a simple change: the integration of middle school math concepts. In SHINE, we use fractions, decimals, and percents on a Twister board, rather than colors, to allow girls to practice converting between equivalences. If "left hand on 3/4" is called, the girls begin search the board for 6/8, 75%, or other equivelent fractions. 



Our unique SHINE curriculum creates a dynamic way for students to learn in team problem solving sessions, led by a trained mentor. While aligning weekly concepts with the National Common Core Standards for Grades 6-8, our curriculum incorporates "SHINE Spotlights" to encourage the integration of active kinesthetic learning, while in a small-group setting. With a multi-tiered curriculum, SHINE is able to adapt for a wide range of abilities.



Each session, SHINE mentors lead students through a formalized dance training session, where students are given the opportunity to learn the basics of the art or showcase their ability to SHINE! In a safe and fun environment, SHINE helps increase self-confidence, teamwork, and discipline. concluding with a final performance for the community to present the success of the group.

    Check out our printable PDF of SHINE's Daily Schedule!


    program offerings

    program offerings

    Program Offerings

    SHINE offers programs open to 6th-8th grade girls, who are interested in improving math scores, developing confidence, learning about STEM careers, and participating in a program that empowers women.

    Each session of SHINE can serve from 12-30 girls, and has a maximum 5:1 student-mentor ratio. An online application is required for SHINE students and mentors.

    Weekly Programs

    Our original weekly program format is great for after-school or weekend programs in order to develop a steady relationship between mentors and students throughout the course of the program. These programs are offered from September – May.

    Length: 10 weeks
    Time: 2 hours
    Location: Schools, community centers, dance studios

    Summer Intensive

    The Summer Intensive is the perfect program for those looking to satisfy the same goals of a weekly program, but in a shorter time period! This is also a great offering to integrate into summer camps and programs. These programs are offered from June-August.

    Length: 1 week or 2 weeks
    Time: 4 hours or 2 hours
    Location: Schools, community centers, dance studios

    Other SHINE Engagements

    Do you have other ideas on how to integrate our program into your organization? Interested in hosting an event with SHINE For Girls?  We want to know!

    Please email us at shineforgirls@gmail.com and our team will be in touch!

    Check out our printable PDF version of our program offerings!

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    It only takes one experience, one mentor who believes in you, one role model to change the trajectory of a life. A girl goes from believing she can’t to realizing that she can in one powerful moment. SHINE for Girls is designed to give girls that chance for such a moment.


    SHINE mentors are local high school or college women who have qualified based on their math background, tutoring experience, dance experience, attitude and enthusiasm, and the results of a background check. The mentor training involves a customized online certification system along with a half-day mentor training session.

    Mentors receive:

    • Training in working with young girls and teaching math and dance
    • The opportunity to give back to their local communities and advocate for women in STEM
    • Hands-on experience in the service sector
    • Leadership opportunities at a young age
    • A space to enhance their own skills through teaching and channel their own creativity
    • Access to a national network of women in STEM
    • The possibility of pursuing multi-faceted SHINE for Girls work through our quickly growing national nonprofit during the summers
    • Recommendations and referrals for internships, colleges, and graduate schools

    Interested in what our mentors do? Check out our SHINE Mentor Roles below: