It only takes one experience, one mentor who believes in you, one role model to change the trajectory of a life. A girl goes from believing she can’t to realizing that she can in one powerful moment. SHINE for Girls is designed to give girls that chance for such a moment.


SHINE mentors are local high school or college women who have qualified based on their math background, tutoring experience, dance experience, attitude and enthusiasm, and the results of a background check. The mentor training involves a customized online certification system along with a half-day mentor training session.

Mentors receive:

  • Training in working with young girls and teaching math and dance
  • The opportunity to give back to their local communities and advocate for women in STEM
  • Hands-on experience in the service sector
  • Leadership opportunities at a young age
  • A space to enhance their own skills through teaching and channel their own creativity
  • Access to a national network of women in STEM
  • The possibility of pursuing multi-faceted SHINE for Girls work through our quickly growing national nonprofit during the summers
  • Recommendations and referrals for internships, colleges, and graduate schools

Interested in what our mentors do? Check out our SHINE Mentor Roles below: