Our 5 pillars: 


local youth in educational pursuits


confidence on stage and in the classroom


young women to pursue STEM careers


self-esteem and a love of math


women across America

Our mission is to improve girls' math scores and spark their interest in mathematics by utilizing an innovative method of formal dance training integrated with math instruction. SHINE for Girls turns the "I can't" around by creating an environment in which girls not only realize that they can, but that they want to. 

Our short term aim: To empower middle school girls with the confidence and mathematical skills to understand and embrace math. 

Our long term aim: To create a pipeline of next-generation women leaders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields

While current classroom methods can be effective, SHINE for Girls is able to engage students in the subject matter in a unique manner that provides a novel perspective on the material. SHINE for Girls uses a new method based in kinesthetic learning that effectively supplements the classroom experience.