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Moving Towards a New Model for Education


Moving Towards a New Model for Education


  • SHINE covers the national math standards for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades through a program designed to supplement and enhance classroom learning
  • SHINE works at a level appropriate for you with our proprietary multi-level curriculum
  • Students learn through both kinesthetic techniques and team problem solving sessions led by a mentor
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  • Girls improve overall confidence, attitudes towards math, and proficiency in math
From a teacher: "SHINE has TRULY made a BIG difference in the girls who participated at {  } School!  This program has made a difference in how the girls approach mathematical concepts." 
  • Students thrive in a program designed to support all girls including those who struggle in math classes, who are looking for more of a challenge, who enjoy or wish to learn dance, or who are seeking to build self-esteem


  • Students formal dance training in a safe and fun environment
  • SHINE helps increase self-confidence, teamwork, and discipline
  • Students learn choreography and perform at a dance recital
  • Students engage in physical activity that increases concentration and mental performance
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Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic Learning

Can you still ride a bike or swim across a pool even though you learned long ago? Yes.
Can you still recite the capitals of all the states you memorized in grade school? Probably not.

In kinesthetic learning, movement and action replaces more passive forms of learning, such as listening to a lecture. No matter how much we memorize, recite, and study, our muscle memory seems to trump our brains alone. Kinesthetic learning helps students grasp concepts with more clarity and creativity.  SHINE for Girls uses our bodies to their fullest advantage to enhance and reinforce mathematics taught in the classroom through our series of original kinesthetic learning activities. 

For example, SHINE introduces algebra through choreography: girls can create a simple dance of three twirls followed by a jump and will write down 3x + y where x = twirl, y = jump. Through dancing, girls realize that 3(x+y) = 3x + y + 2y. Before they say “I can’t do algebra,” they already have. This begins the positive feedback loop of girls believing in themselves, and their confidence stems from knowing they have the ability to succeed.

By connecting the different ways in which we learn, SHINE enables effective understanding and retention of information in addition to imbuing abstract mathematical concepts with a physical meaning.

SHINE’s proprietary curriculum has been honed over several years and has provided consistent reproducible results.


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The Power of One

The Power of One


It only takes one experience, one mentor who believes in you, one role model to change the trajectory of a life. A girl goes from believing she that she can’t to realizing that she can in one powerful moment. SHINE for Girls is designed to give girls that chance for such a moment. Students that go through our one-of-a-kind program not only come out with a newfound belief in their own capabilities and the motivation to excel, but also an excitement towards math and a deeper interest in pursuing a future in STEM. 

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women supporting women. 

Girls who participate in SHINE develop relationships that provide a network of support both in and out of our program: 

  1. Student - Student: students build friendships with other girls, forming ties that foster confidence, collaboration, and empowerment in an evironment free of social pressure
  2. Mentor - Student: through close interaction with their mentors, girls realize that there is no social stigma associated with mathematics and STEM fields
  3. Mentor - Mentor: SHINE provides girls with the opportunity to become engaged with STEM and assume leadership, growing the mentors' own self-confidence and passion for STEM
  4. Professional Women in STEM - Mentors & Students: younger girls see role models in STEM fields and begin to consider a future in higher-paying and stable STEM jobs with the ability to contribute to an increasingly technological society

Learn more about mentorship & becoming a mentor :

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Our 5 pillars: 


local youth in educational pursuits


confidence on stage and in the classroom


young women to pursue STEM careers


self-esteem and a love of math


women across America

Our mission is to improve girls' math scores and spark their interest in mathematics by utilizing an innovative method of formal dance training integrated with math instruction. SHINE for Girls turns the "I can't" around by creating an environment in which girls not only realize that they can, but that they want to. 

Our short term aim: To empower middle school girls with the confidence and mathematical skills to understand and embrace math. 

Our long term aim: To create a pipeline of next-generation women leaders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields

While current classroom methods can be effective, SHINE for Girls is able to engage students in the subject matter in a unique manner that provides a novel perspective on the material. SHINE for Girls uses a new method based in kinesthetic learning that effectively supplements the classroom experience.