• SHINE covers the national math standards for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades through a program designed to supplement and enhance classroom learning
  • SHINE works at a level appropriate for you with our proprietary multi-level curriculum
  • Students learn through both kinesthetic techniques and team problem solving sessions led by a mentor
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  • Girls improve overall confidence, attitudes towards math, and proficiency in math
From a teacher: "SHINE has TRULY made a BIG difference in the girls who participated at {  } School!  This program has made a difference in how the girls approach mathematical concepts." 
  • Students thrive in a program designed to support all girls including those who struggle in math classes, who are looking for more of a challenge, who enjoy or wish to learn dance, or who are seeking to build self-esteem


  • Students formal dance training in a safe and fun environment
  • SHINE helps increase self-confidence, teamwork, and discipline
  • Students learn choreography and perform at a dance recital
  • Students engage in physical activity that increases concentration and mental performance