Can you still ride a bike or swim across a pool even though you learned long ago? Yes.
Can you still recite the capitals of all the states you memorized in grade school? Probably not.

In kinesthetic learning, movement and action replaces more passive forms of learning, such as listening to a lecture. No matter how much we memorize, recite, and study, our muscle memory seems to trump our brains alone. Kinesthetic learning helps students grasp concepts with more clarity and creativity.  SHINE for Girls uses our bodies to their fullest advantage to enhance and reinforce mathematics taught in the classroom through our series of original kinesthetic learning activities. 

For example, SHINE introduces algebra through choreography: girls can create a simple dance of three twirls followed by a jump and will write down 3x + y where x = twirl, y = jump. Through dancing, girls realize that 3(x+y) = 3x + y + 2y. Before they say “I can’t do algebra,” they already have. This begins the positive feedback loop of girls believing in themselves, and their confidence stems from knowing they have the ability to succeed.

By connecting the different ways in which we learn, SHINE enables effective understanding and retention of information in addition to imbuing abstract mathematical concepts with a physical meaning.

SHINE’s proprietary curriculum has been honed over several years and has provided consistent reproducible results.