Provide Opportunity For Young Girls

Start changing the world in your own backyard

Easily create a branch of SHINE for Girls at your university and start making a difference in the lives of girls in your own community. Our national branch will provide you with all of the resources and support necessary to begin reaching out to local schools and taking an active role in local service. Change both your own life and the lives of young girls through our unique program.

Take Action on Campus

Advocate for women in STEM and further women’s empowerment

Connect and strengthen your college community of women in STEM by creating a SHINE for Girls student group. In addition to holding the program, student groups frequently host fun events to generate support for our program on campus and create excitement for the program in the local community.

Capitalize on Leadership Positions

Enhance your college experience by taking leadership in a quickly growing national nonprofit organization

Becoming involved in our organization is not only a wonderful way to gain hands-on experience working in education, math, and dance, but also gives you access to potential leadership roles. As a young and innovative organization, SHINE for Girls encourages other young women in STEM to get involved and see their own ideas and work become a reality in a short period of time.