Profit from new potential long-term customers

SHINE for Girls introduces a different demographic of girls to dance by enabling previously shy girls to gain the confidence to perform. Girls frequently feel that their progress is due to the integration of dance with math and attribute their positive personal growth with learning dance. Our students are likely to continue to pursue dance after the program is over, particularly at the familiar host studio for the program.


Lead your area through service

Become known in your community for being at the forefront of education. With SHINE for Girls, make the natural extension from pure dance studio to hosting a nonprofit organization that combines dance and math for the education and empowerment of young women.


Utilize your resources to positively impact the lives of young girls

SHINE for Girls uses a new method based in kinesthetic learning that effectively supplements the classroom experience and creates a lifelong love of dance. As our program does not require a dance background, many of the girls are able to experience the benefits of dancing for the first time.Girls become more confident in themselves, resulting in their believing they can excel in any field. SHINE for Girls opens up opportunities for our students that didn’t exist before.