Eligibility & application:

I missed the deadline to apply. What do I do now?

If the program has already begun, you will have to apply for the next program of SHINE for Girls. You can sign up for our mailing list or follow us on social media to receive reminders for future deadlines. If the program has not already started, apply anyway! Note that these applications will have lower priority.

I am not in middle school, but I am learning middle school standard level math. Can I still apply to SHINE for Girls? 

Since our curriculum is designed to align with national middle school level math, any student who is learning middle school math may be eligible. SHINE for Girls can be used as a program for younger students that are advanced as well as a remedial program. Contact your local branch to find out if you would be a good fit to the program. If you are, make sure to note your situation in your application.

I was not accepted into SHINE for Girls because the class size was already filled. What can I do? 

Applications made within the application period but are not accepted will be held as part of the waitlist in case someone drops out. If you are interested in SHINE for Girls in the next semester, your application will have high priority. 

I have already participated in SHINE for Girls, and I want to do it again. Can I reapply?

Yes! Our multi-level curriculum is designed so that students can repeat the program several times and still gain valuable experience each time. We are constantly updating our curriculum so that students are constantly both challenged and having fun. 

I really want to participate in SHINE for Girls but the dates or times don’t work perfectly with my schedule. Should I still apply
Your application will still be considered, but may not be accepted. By applying for our program, you make the commitment that you can make each week of the program for the entire duration of the program. 


I want to learn to dance, but I am not having a hard time in math class. Can I still apply?
Yes, still apply. Through your application, we will be able to determine whether you are a good fit for SHINE for Girls.


Who will be teaching the dance and math?
High school and college students pursuing STEM and with dance experience will be the mentors for this program. You can read more about them on your branch’s page.

What styles of dance will I learn?
SHINE focuses on a variety of styles, including hip-hop and jazz. The girls will learn and perform routines that require both stage presence and showmanship, as well as develop the discipline required to master technique. The style of dance can depend on your location. 

Will participating in SHINE improve my grades and standardized test scores?
While SHINE's purpose is larger than improving grades, students can expect to see better performance in school as a by-product of participating in the program. Similarly, our curriculum is designed to bolster the national middle school math curriculum, so it will very likely improve test scores.

getting involved: 

How do I donate to the program?
Check out our donate page to learn more! Also visit Getting Involved to learn more.