Focus your resources effectively

Use kinesthetic learning to augment the school experience.
By introducing and reintroducing concepts from the standard national middle school math curriculum, students are able to discover material in a new way, realize their own capabilities, and ultimately become more receptive in the classroom. Furthermore, changing girls’ attitudes towards math and their own abilities results in higher participation in classrooms, more time and effort spent on homework, interest in joining school math teams, and higher test scores.

Supplement your curriculum

Experience the education benefits of arts integration and athletic participation simultaneously.
Combining action and intellect, SHINE for Girls harnesses the benefits of participation in the arts including increased creativity, collaboration, and perseverance. It also requires physical activity that increases concentration and mental performance. 

Offer fun after-school programming

Students thrive in an environment tailored for their success
SHINE connects learning in the classroom, after-school, and at home. Our innovative combination of dance and math results in program in which girls are eager to partake. SHINE for Girls is a safe, positive space where girls can both learn math in an encouraging environment free of social pressure and gain confidence. Our mentors are women in STEM and they provide role models for the younger girls as well as a network of women.